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Pineapple peeler


Pineapple peeler


The semi-automatic PINEAPPLE PEELING MACHINE is intended to peel pineapple and remove the core, making the product cylindrical. The standard size of the peeled pineapple cylinder is 120 mm x 89 mm, other sizes also available as needed.

Working with the device is ergonomic and less stressful than manual peeling.

The device is compact and easily portable.

Depending on the operator of the device, the device can peel about 300 pieces/hour. Before putting the pineapple in the peeler, both ends (“hat and bottom”) must be removed from the pineapple.

The device is electric and compressed air-powered.

Technical Data

Capacity: approx. 300 pcs/h
Voltage: 220 Vac, 50Hz
Compressed air: Recommended
operating pressure 6-8 bars
Height: 1900 mm
Width: 900 mm
Depth: 900 mm
Weight: 175 kg

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