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Leading manufacturer of vegetable and root processing equipment in Finland.

Forsfood Oy is a family owned company located at Kauhajoki. Forsfood has strong know-how as a manufacturer of equipment for the food industry since 1991. We are the leading manufacturer of vegetable and root processing equipment in Finland.

We offer high-quality equipment for processing vegetables, roots and salads, taking into account the different needs of customers. Our customer base consists of food companies around the world.

 Forsfood’s core competence is the manufacture of high-quality stainless steel equipment for all processes of roots, vegetables and salads. We supply customers with individual equipment, but our special expertise is the delivery of complete lines. We have invested in quality, safety and functionality in our products. All our devices are made of easy-to-clean, hygienic materials. Our brands are Forsfood and FF machines, as well as the latest product family “Machines from North” , which design and manufacture is Finnish quality work.

Our services also include pre-planning for the various equipment needs of food establishments and the placement of equipment, taking into account food hygiene and the logistics chain.

An integral part of the food industry is high hygiene requirements, and in recent years our company has also profiled itself in other industries as a provider of solutions related to industrial hygiene.