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Kasvu Open 2021

Proudly and gratefully involved in this great selection of companies! Forsfood participates in the Growth Open 2021, on the growth path of Southern Ostrobothnia. 529 companies applied from all over Finland, of which 219 companies were selected for the Kasvu Open. The...

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Forsfood`s maintenance partner is Tokap Service Oy

Forsfood Oy and Tokap Service Oy have entered into a service partnership regarding the maintenance of equipment sold by Forsfood in Finland. Our goal is to serve our customers more efficiently, both in terms of equipment failures and annual maintenance. As our...

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February campaign products

The importance of maintaining hygiene has grown and become more prominent due to recent events. In turn, access hygiene when crossing different hygiene limits is part of a larger unity in addition to hand hygiene. By ensuring hygienic movement between production and...

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