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FAM Lifis slicer


Product description

The slightly twisted knives of the cutting wheel guarantee a perfect cutting result. The special designed discharge chute gently decelerates the cut product minimizing product damage. Its jointless shape and sloped surfaces prevent accumulation of product residue. Available hold-down plate for optimal product guidance towards the cutting wheel. Variable frequency drives for both the slicing wheel and the conveyor belts offer a precise speed control and maximum flexibility. Many cut shapes possible on a wide range of products. Hinged discharge chute and easily removable covers provide access to the product zone and the drive zone. Thanks to the Electro-Flex-system, the electrical cabinet with integrated touch screen can either be ­fixed to the machine or placed at a distance. The machine can be extended with a 2nd set of V-belts (with separate variable frequency drive) for a better product alignment and a more even supply of the product to the machine conveyor belts guaranteeing cut quality at the highest capacity. Immediate access to cutting programmes, production and maintenance data, provided by PLC and touch screen. A circular knife can be placed in front of the cutting wheel. In combination with 2D knives, a 3-D cut is obtained. Conveyor belts with guide strip run over wear plates that are cheap and easy to replace. Unique quick replace system for the V-belts.  Drive zone and product zone of the machine are completely separated. The overlap belt side plating reduces product buildup below the conveyor belts. The even and durable finish of the stainless steel slicing wheel and its support plate will cut down cleaning time. Washdown stainless steel motors available for an even better cleanability (optional). Sloped plate work, rounded corners and a minimum of hex cap screws highly reduce soil buildup. An angled bottom plate evacuates water and waste to a central drain. 

  • Cut shapes:
    • Flat and crinkle cut slices, halved slices, 2D-slices.
  • Cut sizes:
    • Various cut sizes possible from 3 mm up to 35 mm, for leafy vegetables up to 50 mm.
  • Max. product diameter:
    • 180 mm for hard products (whole or pre-cut) and up to approx. 220 mm for leafy vegetables (compressible).
  • Manufacturer: FAM
  • Weight: kg 1015
  • Capacity: From 1.500 kg/h, depending on product, cutting size and condition.
  • Height: 1624 mm.
  • Dimensions: 3761 x 1116 x 1624 mm, incl. all options
  • Engine: For conveyor belts: 1,5 kW (2 hp), for V-belt feeder extension (optional): 1,5 kW (2 hp) for cutting wheel: 3 kW (4 hp) stainless steel for cutting wheel (optional): 2,2 kW (3 hp).


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Product FAM-Lifis | FAM Lifis slicer

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