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FF täryannostelulaitteisto

FF täryannostelulaitteiston avulla pakkausannostellaan kokonaisia tai leikattuja tuotteita. Laitteisto sisältää vaa´an, joka punnitsee pakkauksen painoa ja pysäyttää syötön automaattisesti.

Drying and dehydrating bin with vibrator

Drying and dehydrating bin with vibrator is intended for the drainage of vegetables, intermediate storage and dosing to the packaging. The silo´s volume of 800 liters (or 250 liters).

Rotary table

The rotary table is the right solution for packaging and processing, when is performing manual work.

Salad packing table

Forsfood Salad packing table is intended for products packing efficiently and ergonomically for bag or box in manually.