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FF- hygiene walk trough pool


Product description

The Forsfood hygiene walk trough pool is designed to maintain the hygienic needs of production facilities. By entering the basin, the bottom of the footwear and the wheels of the transferring equipment are disinfected. The design of the hygienic walk trough pool is completely stainless and it`s structure is low, making it easy to cross the basin. The sloping edges of the pool facilitate crossing by, for example, a roller or pump carts. At the edges of the pool there are lifting holes to facilitate its day-to-day care. The basin carpet is a specially designed, durable material that effectively removes dust and dirt.

  • Manufacturer: Forsfood
  • Weight: kg
  • Dimensions: 1270 x 1170 mm


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Product 0068-17650 | FF- hygiene walk trough pool

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