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Eillert G-4400 vegetable slicing machine


Product description

The G-4400 is a universal, solid industrial vegetable slicing machine for use in high capacity industries such as fresh-cut, deep freezing and vegetable drying. The machine is particularly suitable for slicing leafy vegetables and a wide variety of other vegetable such as cabbages, leeks, carrots, beans, peppers, etc. With the specially developed cross cut knife for leafy vegetables such as lettuce varieties it is possible to produce quadrants, e.g. 30 x 30 mm. or 60 x 60 mm., or strips with a set length.The simple and hygienic construction, such as quickly detachable belts, makes the
machine easy to clean and to disinfect. The cutting compartment is completely separated from the mechanical area in order to secure a hygienic operation.The machines can be delivered as stand-alones as well as being integrated into
complete processing lines, often linked to preparation tables.

Eillert’s slicing machines are characterized by a robust construction and high-quality components, such as knives, made of specially hardened steel. The sophisticated cutting technique guarantees a perfect and precise cut with a minimal waste of juice, optimizing the shelf life of your product. A wide range of easily interchangeable cutting tools offers many opportunities to meet practically all the needs of the demanding market.

Technical specifications:

  • Cutting range:
    • from 1,6 to 120 mm, depending on cutting tools
  • Connections:
    • 400 Volts, 50 Hz, 3 Phase+PE+PN, 2,2 kW
  • Plug:
    • 16 A CEE, 5 pole
  • Available cutting tools:
    • Adjustable knife disc 1-40 mm. 2 or 3 wing knife
    • Stainless steel knife disc (not adjustable), with 6 knives
    • Special cross cut knives mounted onto the cutting discs or onto separate knife wings for 20 – 25 – 30 – 35 mm
    • Cross cut or a multiple of those
  • Options:
    • Sprayers in the cutting compartment
    • Wheels instead of adjustable feet
    • Lengthened belt of 1000 mm instead of 420 mm
    • Polycarbonate cover with gas spring instead of stainless steel side cover
    • Product guidance
    • Disc ejector
  • Manufacturer: Eillert
  • Weight: kg
  • Capacity: Capacity: Up to approx. 1.500 kg. per hour, depending on the type and quality of the product and the desired cutting size.

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Product EIL-13200XX | Eillert G-4400 vegetable slicing machine

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