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Drywite All Seasons


Drywite All Seasons


“All seasons” is manufactured from a blend of sulphites with anti-caking and flow agent.

Specifically developed for potatoes to be fried, our most versatile potato treatment, All Seasons, not only provides an extended shelf life of 7 days, but it also helps remove excess starch and sugars from the potato – the attributing factor to the formation of acrylamide on cooked potatoes.

By removing the excess starch and sugars, this powder-based solution reduces caramelisation in the frying medium and this, in turn, prevents dark fried potatoes.

When choosing All Seasons, you can be assured of a high-quality final product with less potential wastage all year round – a full value choice!

Technical Data

Dose guide: 5 grams per litre
Dwell guide: 4 minutes for whole peeled potatoes, 90 seconds for chips and wedges
Available in 25kg containers
Measurable by conductivity

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