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Drywite Pioneer Potato Preparation


Drywite Pioneer Potato Preparation


Pioneer Potato Prepartion (PPP) is intended for washing peeled potatoes and improving shelf life. Rinsing with the PPP solution removes enzymes and other microbes from the broken cells after peeling and cutting at the various stages of the production process. Potatoes treated with PPP are better preserved and there are no discolorations in the products. Pioneer Potato Preparation powder is almost odorless, making the working environment more pleasing to employees. Also, the treated potato has no side taste or odor disadvantages.

A typical solution concentration is 0.5% and a rinsing time of 30-60 seconds. In this case, the shelf life of the potato is about 7 days.

The use of the product must be labeled unless the product is rinsed with clean water after treatment. However, the SO2 content should remain <10 mg / kg in the final product even after rinsing, so that no labeling is required. The food business operator must monitor the amount of sulphite in the final product under its own control. Maximum level in the final product 50 mg / kg SO2 modified.

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Weight: kg 25

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