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Agricoat Nature­seal


Agricoat Nature­seal


Both an industry veteran and fresh-cut produce pioneer, NatureSeal® has been a leading expert in shelf-life extension technology worldwide. Our patented line of products have grown exponentially, offering produce solutions to the processor, foodservice and home use markets.

Along with the USDA, NatureSeal initially developed a formulation to keep sliced apples from browning. Today, our products have expanded into an award-winning line of fresh-cut formulas, created to combat oxidation and liquid purging. This line has grown to include protective formulations for over 30 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Our products are comprised of ingredients that are sulfite-free (GRAS), allergen-free, GMO-free, and Kosher and Halal certified, with some blends certified for use on organic produce.

NatureSeal products continue to be recognized for meeting the industry’s highest standards for quality, performance, consistency, and functionality.

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