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Eillert GWT washing pool


Eillert GWT washing pool


Eillert GWT and GWB vegetable washers are suitable equipment for washing and mixing various grated vegetables. The operation of the washing machine is based on the gentle washing effect of strongly swirling water without compressed air (immersion washing). The special shape of the sink gives good mixing and washing results even for heavier products, such as carrot slices and sticks. Whole tomatoes can also be washed. The device can be used to wash both heavier vegetables and more fragile salads, such as Lollo Rosso and herbs.

The washers can be integrated into the production line and the product speed can be adjusted (product time in the wash). The machine is available with a single or multi-stage washer, as well as different versions in length and width (different capacity). Capacity depends largely on the products, the degree of washing, the method of filling and emptying, and the number of uses of water exchanges. Thanks to the different options of the machine, it can be designed to meet the needs of the customer.

Washer capacity up to 1500 kg / h, depending on type and product.

Technical Data

Connections: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase + PE, from 3.4 kW
Plug: 16 A CEE, 5-pin

Water cooling system
Rotary filter drum
Small particle separation system
Extended discharge screen
S / S spray pipes to the discharge system

EIL-1510010 GWT 2000/350 (2 m long, 35 cm wide)

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