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FF Sorting table (large)


FF Sorting table (large)


With the Sorting table, you can check the quality of the processed products, and at the same time, detective products can be returned from reprocessing. The rollers of the sorting table are profiled, and rollers rotate the product, which allows you to view them from all perspectives.

The Sorting table is equipped with a standing platform that improves the ergonomics of the employees. The structure of the Sorting table is open, so you can also work in a sitting position.

The Sorting table is ergonomic and easy to clean. The side guards open completely, and the structure is easy to clean thoroughly. Side conveyors are available as an option to direct products to reprocess, etc. The Sorting table is made of stainless material and food industry proven plastics.

Technical Data

The sorting table is available in two different sizes and can be connected to the line.

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