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FF Washing drum


FF Washing drum


The object of the machine is – after the root crops have been peeled and before they are checked and assorted – to rinse the loose peeling ingredients and the enzymes that get released during peeling. The drum may also be used for rinsing sliced products before follow-up processing.

Products can be fed into the machine through the side of the higher porthole while machine is on. Peeled root crops are fed on a steady pace. Processed products come out by the side of the lower bay, after which they are ready for follow-up processing.
The machine does not produce waste. When rinsing/washing fluid expires, dispose it in appropriate manner.

Technical Data

Operating voltage: 400 V 3-phase 50 Hz
If frequency converter: 400 V 1-phase 50Hz
Connection power: 0.37 kW
Noise level: <70 dB (average situation)
Weight: approx. 300 kg
Product size: maximum dimension 120mm (length, thickness or height must not exceed)
Capacity: 1000-3000kg / h (depending on the product)

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