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Container softener for frozen products


Container softener for frozen products


Forsfood`s stainless steel food container softener is designed to mix frozen vegetables or other food products into loose pieces, making them ready for packaging.

Additionally, it can also be used to separate non-food products from each other.

It is safe and easy to use.

Size of product container to be softened:

Length max 1.3m / min 1.1m

Width max 1.05m / min 0.95m

Height max 0.8m / min 0.3m

-Not suitable for crushing whole products.

Technical Data

Height: 3,45m
Widht: 1.95m
Lenght: 1.65m
Weight: ≈ 1300 kg
Electric: 16A/ 3-phase, 50 Hz

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