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Multi-Fill MPFSC-120


Multi-Fill MPFSC-120


The MPFSC-120 volumetric filler dispenses clean, accurate portions of a wide variety of difficult-to-fill products, including: cooked rice, cooked pasta (long and short goods), cut vegetables, cut fruit, refrigerated salads, cereal, trail mix, surimi, shrimp, and shredded meat.

This machine is rated at speeds up to 120 containers per minute depending upon the product, container, and conveyor configuration. Our machines are compatible with a wide variety of container conveying systems, either continuous or intermit-tent motion, vertical or horizontal bagging machines for trays, plates, cartons, cups, pouches (including stand-up), cans, jars, boxes, and more.

When the product is loaded into the hopper a conveyor belt with a special finger design, driven by a variable frequency drive, meters the product to the filling head.

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