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FF Vibrating dispenser


FF Vibrating dispenser


The FF Vibrating dispensing equipment packs whole or cut products. The equipment includes a weighing unit that weighs the weight of the package and automatically stops feeding when the desired amount of product is dispensed into the package.

The vibrating function guarantees fast and accurate dosing, and its intensity is easy to adjust. The dosing chute has a mechanically adjustable paddles that adjust the dosing feed. Vibration intensity adjustment and paddle support the dosing of different types and sizes of products in equipment. It keeps it equally accurate for all products.

The equipment can be used for both bag and box dispensing. The machine includes a rack for attaching a packing bag.

The structure is easily washable and stainless.

Technical Data

Weight: 250 kg
Dimensions: 1500 x 1150 x 1900 mm

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