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Forsfood Classic-5


Forsfood Classic-5


Forsfood Classic series peelers are still available!
The combination of an abrasive peeling element and a knife peeling element on one roll gives advantages that cannot be found in any other peeling method.
The abrasive part of the element removes/opens the outer skin of the raw material. This part of the process grants the knife elements a long lifetime. As the hard skin of the raw material is partially removed, the knife peeling is easier.
Suitable for peeling a wide range of root vegetables, like potato, carrot, swede, turnip, and celeriac etc.

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Classic-5-KK-KNIFE (0022-5KN)

Technical Data

Overall length 2500 mm (94,4") * w 1250 mm (49,2") * height 2000 mm (78,7 )
Frame length 1420 mm (55,9")
In-feed chute width 165 mm (6,5")
In-feed height 1750 mm (68,9")
Discharge height 1060 mm (41,7")
Overall weight 500 kg (1100 lbs)
220-400 v 3 phases 50-60hz
Rollers 2 x 1.5 kW (2 x 2HP)

Number of rollers 5

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