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Aurora Borealis ~Usva~ knife peeling machine


Aurora Borealis ~Usva~ knife peeling machine


Aurora Borealis ~Special edition USVA ~ Knife peeler for re-peeling steam peeled products.
The northern lights Aurora Borealis rises from the haze and cuts the sky, just as the knife rolls we designed to cut the surface of the steam peeled vegetable roots.

Aurora Borealis ~Usva~ is available with 6 or 10 knife peeling rollers.
Machines from North peeling machines are suitable for capacities in different sizes and enable You to increase the efficiency of Your production with modern control and monitoring tools.

– Suitable for various roots.
– Suitable for re-peeling steam-peeled potatoes.
– A special construction ensures optimal peeling results because the products will be optimally rotated.
– Most effective capacity in its size range.
– Can be connected to a line.
– Made of stainless materials.
– Integrated weighing systems give You an opportunity to follow Your production, even with remote follow-up!

Technical Data

Lenght: 3.65 m
Widht: 1.19 m
Total height: 2.29 m (+ -16mm)
Feed height: 1.93 m (+ -16mm)
Output height: 1.09 m (+ -16mm)
Weight: prox. +/- 1200 kg (depending on execution).

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