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Aurora Borealis – Peelers


Aurora Borealis – Peelers


Forsfood`s Machines from North peelers are intent to peel vegetable roots like carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, red beets, swedes and other roots.
On potatoes, the peelers have a maximum peeling waste capacity of 600-1800 kg/h dependent on the machine, product and application.

Aurora Borealis – Knife peeler (0025-2000KN)
The northern lights (Aurora Borealis) cuts the sky, just as the knife rolls we designed to cut the surface of the roots.
Aurora Borealis is available with 6 or 10 knife peeling rollers.
*Suitable also for re-peeling steam-peeled products!

Aurora Borealis- Abrasive Peeler (0025-2000CA)
Ice has polished the surfaces of the northern rocks for centuries, as a wear-resistant carborundum roller grinds the surface of the product to be peeled.
This model is available with 6 or 10 carborundum peeling rollers.

Aurora Borealis- Combination peeler (0025-2000CO)
The polar night and the midnight sun meet, such as carborundum and knife meet on the surface of combination roller; giving a first-class and effective peeling result.
Combination peeler is available with 6 or 10 combination peeling rollers.

– Suitable for various roots.
– A special construction ensures optimal peeling results because the products will be optimally rotated.
– Most effective capacity in its size range.
– Can be connected to a line.
– Made of stainless materials.
– Integrated weighing systems allow You to follow Your production, even with remote follow-up!


Technical Data

Lenght: 3.65 m
Widht: 1.19 m
Total height: 2.29 m (+ -16mm)
Feed height: 1.93 m (+ -16mm)
Output height: 1.09 m (+ -16mm)
Weight: prox. +/- 1200 kg (depending on execution).

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YouTube 3D model YouTube Aurora in production

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