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FF Hygienic conveyor ™


FF Hygienic conveyor ™


The hygiene conveyor is a conveyor designed especially with hygiene and washability in mind.

The conveyor belt is quick to remove and attach with an easy-to-use quick release. Any conveyor sides and hoppers are made on the Hygiene conveyor only as needed, and are removable with quick release.

The belt’s central guide ensures that the belt runs straight. With a frequency converter, you can adjust the speed of the belt conveyor.

The design of the hygienic conveyor is design-protected at EUIPO.

Technical Data

Dimensions: Length selectable according to the object
Food-grade PU strap
*EU design registration No. 008314546-0001,
*UK design registration No. 90083145460001
*EU design registration No. 008314546-0002,
*UK design registration No. 90083145460002

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