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FF Shoe wash


FF Shoe wash


FF shoe washer can be used to clean the bottom of half-boot and safety shoes easily and effortlessly. There is no motor in the washer, but shoes can be wiped into the scrubber brushes. The grating in front of the shoe washer collects the bulky dirt from the bottom of the shoe. As standard, the scrubber also has a wash brush with an arm, which makes it easy to remove the dirt at the grid level. In the scrubber is own container for the detergent. If necessary, rinse the shoes in the detergent solution before brushing.

– The shoe cleaner material is made of stainless steel, which makes it suitable for use with solvent detergents.

– A robust. Removable parts make it easy to clean.

– Spare parts are available if needed.

-Available also with feet (code: 0066-32103)

Technical Data

Weight: 43kg
Dimensions: 1350 mm x 670 mm x799mm

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