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Walk trough hygiene pool (Large)


Walk trough hygiene pool (Large)


The Forsfood hygiene walk trough pool is intended for maintaining the hygiene of the necessary runs in the production facilities.

When entering the pool, the soles of the footwear and the wheels of the transfer equipment are disinfected. The structure of the hygienic pool is stainless and the crossing height is small, which makes the passage easy. The sloping edges of the pool make it easier to cross with a trolley or pump cart and have lifting openings to facilitate its daily maintenance.

The pool’s mat is extremely durable, bottomless and made of material that effectively removes debris and dirt and is easy to clean.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 1270 x 1170 mm
Height: 20 mm
The capacity of the pool: approx. 20 liter
One mat included in the delivery.

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