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FF Wedge-300


FF Wedge-300


Forsfood wedge 300M is intended for manual segmentation of products such as watermelons and cabbages. With Wedge 300M, you can also cut large turnips and swedes.

The machine is an inexpensive, sturdy, and reliable industrial device. Thanks to the lever mechanism with counterweight, the products can be cut with little force. The handle automatically stays in the up position for safe handling.
– Ensures an ergonomic working position.
– Easy to clean.
– Small footprint.
A table and blade sets for 4 and 6 blocks are included in the standard delivery!

Wedge 300 M is made of stainless materials. The machine is available with a folding side table.

Technical Data

Height: 684 mm (handle up)
Width: 515 mm
Depth: 575 mm

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