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FF Wedge-100


FF Wedge-100


Forsfood semi-automatic wedging machine has been manufactured for slicing (into wedges) all kinds of root – and other vegetables. Suitable for products like: potatoes, tomatoes, apples, citrus fruits (orange, lemon, lime etc.) and other round fruits.

The operation of the wedging machine:
The operator of the machine places two products into the product holder simultaneously. The holder will place the product under the pusher which pushes the produce through the wedging blades. When the pusher rises, the product holder emerges again and a new product can be positioned to be wedged.

The machine works with compressed air and is electrically controlled. The machine’s parts have fast attachment and are quickly and easily removed for cleaning. There are parts available for cutting different numbers of wedges and they are easily interchangeable because of the quick attachment system.

The Forsfood Wedging Machine is easy to clean, ergonomic, easy, and fast to use.

Technical Data

Compressed air: 6 bar, around 170 l/min
Electrical connection: 220 V, 50 Hz
The measurements of the unit: about 600 x 600 x 700 mm
Capacity: approx. 1300-1500 pieces/h
Maximum diameter of the product to be wedged: 80 mm
Construction of the device: stainless materials only
Wedging tools: 4, 6 or 8 wedges
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