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FAM Yuran Hytec


FAM Yuran Hytec


The FAM Yuran™ Hytec is hygienic belt dicer specialized in processing meat and poultry products into dices, strips and hand-pulled look shreds.
FAM Yuran™ Hytec is suitable for
– vegetables & fruits such as lemon, lime, mint, peach, spinach and tomato (dehydrated)
– meat such as bacon, beef, ham, pork, chicken, turkey and salmon
– bread

The traditional dicing process is performed by guiding the product in its natural thickness towards the circular knives. The circular knife cuts the product in strips, after which the crosscut knife spindle cuts them into dices of the desired height.

There is available a wide range of knife spindles for various hand-pulled look applications. Size can vary from fine shreds to medium shreds to coarse pull.

The Yuran Hytec ™ is the more hygienic version of the FAM Yuran™ and meets all the technological and hygiene requirements of the meat and poultry industry.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 2181 x 927 x 1809 mm
Weight: 570 or 650 kg
Motor: 3,70 kW or 7,50 kW
Capacity: Up to 3300 kg/h, depending on application

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