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FAM Flexifam 55


FAM Flexifam 55


The FAM Flexifam 55 is medium-sized high-capacity dicer designed for slicing, strip cutting and dicing for example cheese products.
FAM Flexifam is suitable for
– meat such as beef, ham and turkey
– cheese such as Beaufort, Cheddar, Edam and Emmentaler
– nuts such as Hazelnut

FAM Flexifam 55 is specialized in smaller cutting sizes. First, the product is cut into slices to the thickness set manually by using the adjustment gauge, after which the second cut is made by the fast rotating circular knives cutting it into strips. The strips are then fed directly into the crosscut knife spindle producing the third and final cut-producing dices or rectangular pieces.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 1066 x 1747 x 1555 mm
Weight: 550 kg
Motor: 5,5 kW, 400 V
Capacity: 2000 kg/h onto 6 mm dices mozzarella

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