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FAM Centris 400C


FAM Centris 400C


The FAM Centris™ 400C is a machine designed for shredding cheese for small and medium-capacity cheese processors.
FAM Centris™ 400C is suitable for Mozzarella, Gouda, Edam, Cheddar, Emmental and Parmesan to name a few.

The cutting head consists of sixteen individual stationary cutting stations. Shreds are produced as the cheese passes each knife. The length depends on the input product size. The interchangeable cutting heads offer flexibility in all cuts and shapes, including new grating head options.

The FAM Centris 400C increases efficiency and yield by avoiding product build-up and heat generation in the product zone.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 1502 x 728 x 921 mm excluding subframe
Weight: 460 kg, including subframe
Motor: 7,50 kW (10 hp)
Capacity: 1 250 kg/h on 1,80 mm mozzarella shreds; 3 500 kg/h on oval shreds mozzarella

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