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FAM Tridis-serie


FAM Tridis-serie


The FAM Tridis™ 180 is a new tridimensional dicer from FAM. It is specifically designed to help processors of fresh vegetables and IQF vegetables and fruits reach perfect cut quality at medium-high volumes.
The cutting principle is based on the proven technology of the FAM Tridis 240, a very successful high capacity dicer in use by many leading food processors.
Its small footprint but rugged stainless steel design allow processors to dice a variety of soft and hard products. No matter if you are looking to cut peaches, mango, pears or root vegetables such as carrots, beets, onions and potatoes, the FAM Tridis 180 is your perfect match.
It can achieve medium-high capacities from 1 500 kg per hour (3 mm dice) up to 6 tons per hour (10 mm dice), depending on the type of product.
Cutting tools are swift and easily changed, allowing for a wide range of cut sizes from 3 up to 25 mm in dices and strips, flat and crinkle shapes,…
The FAM Tridis™ 180 is capable of accepting products up to 180 mm in any dimensions. This allows for continuous feeding and thus uninterrupted production. It also offers the possibility to feed longer products, maximizing strip cut length.

Tridis 240 (Tridis 240P for potato)
Optimal product transit, with high passage speed, minimum path length and no obstructions, leads to ultimate cut quality.
Compared to other available cutting machines, the FAM Tridis™ 240 increases capacity by 10% to 40%.
Maintenance time reduced drastically by smart design and efficient auxiliary tools.
Improved hygiene through maximum accessibility and sanitary design.
Cutting tools can easily be replaced and adjusted thanks to a number of important Set & Forget™ features. Simplicity above all.

Technical Data

Tridis 180:
Dimensions: 1578x 1299x 1772 mm
Weight: 545 kg (standardilaite)
Motor: 2,20kW

Tridis 240:
Dimensions:1926 x 1355 x 1615 mm
Weight: 575 kg
Motor: 4kW


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