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FAM GD 500


FAM GD 500


The FAM GD 500 Slicer – Dicer is designed to slice and dice cooked meat, fish and chicken.
FAM GD 500 is suitable for
– vegetables & fruits such as mango
– meat such as beef, chicken and duck
– cheese such as feta

The product to be cut is fed onto a conveyor belt that passes under a vertical moving set of guillotine knives. The distance the belt travels between strokes determines the cut size and can easily be adjusted with an external handwheel to give a 5 mm to 40 mm product size. No extra cutting tools are necessary to change from one cut size to another. With a set of knives, also strips can be cut.

The FAM GD 500 can be fed manually or can be fully integrated into a production line. Perfect cut quality, especially for the cutting of fibrous and fragile products. The GD 500 can process lightly frozen, marinated, fried or cooked products, even when still hot.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 2730 x 1070 x 1900 mm
Weight: 780 kg
Motor: 2,20 kW, 230/400 V
Capacity: 1400 kg/h on 12 mm on cooked chicken filet dice



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