Clear Filters

Drying and dehydrating bin with vibrator

Drying and dehydrating bin with vibrator is intended for the drainage of vegetables, intermediate storage and dosing to the packaging. The silo´s volume of 800 liters (or 250 liters).

FF Controller

FF Controller is a device intended for dispensing fresh product handling liquid automatically into the flushing compartment. The system monitors the volume of the solution and automatically adjusts it to the desired level, adding either a water or a preservative to the rinse aid.

FF vibration dispenser

The FF vibrating dispensing equipment packs whole or cut products.

The MPFSC-120 Automatic Pocket Filler

The MPFSC-120 volumetric filler dispenses clean, accurate portions of a wide variety of difficult-to-fill products, including: cooked rice, cooked pasta (long and short goods), cut vegetables, cut fruit, refrigerated salads, cereal, trail mix, surimi, shrimp, and shredded meat