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Peeling line 1000+1000


Product description

Extremely efficient peeling line at 2000kg/hr capacity. Excellent solution, when in need of high power peeling line that has all the necessary functions such as tipping of the box, stones separating, dual peeling, washing and packing. The line conveyors are extra hygienic screw conveyors. The line also inclues a disinfection / dip processing function. Raised level system eases cleaning and waste transfer operations. Waste transfer mechanic is almost fully automated. The line can still be expanded later and may be accompanied further handling operations. Heart of the line is Carbo 1000 and Knife 1000 peeling machines. All the machines are energy efficient and sustainable. Take contact, we will plan and build just the right kind of line for your use.

Products: potato, carrot, beetroot, swede, etc. middle-sized and large roots. Capacity is around 1500-2200kg/hr (depending on product).

  • Manufacturer: Forsfood
  • Weight: kg

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Product FV-00074 | Peeling line 1000+1000

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